Concrete Menorah - C3C5

This menorah is made of nine separate individual movable pieces that can be arranged in countless configurations and allow versatility, interaction and imagination to take part in the ceremonial use. The diagonal angles give the pieces a formal rhythm and a playful uneven wavy feel. Not a static object, but one that allows for the participation of the user, the menorah design brings creativity to a holiday ritual. Even though it is visually deceptive, the candles are all the same height except for the "Shamash". This is the only "rule" for a "kosher" Menorah design. The mirror finish Pewter stands as contrast to the warm textural quality of the concrete.

Materials: Concrete, Pewter, protective rubber bottom.
Dimensions in inches:
W 12½" x L 1⅜" x H 2⅛"
Dimensions in millimeters:
W 318 x L 35 x H 54

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