Modern and unique designs give our backpacka chic and updated look.TheMINI BEARbackpack is easy to carry by hand with a comfortablehandle or by adjustable shoulderstraps.
Durable materials and meticulous production makes it suitable both
for kidsand outdoor activities alike.
The backpack is easy to carry by hand through a comfortable
handle or by adjustable shoulderstraps.

Product Description

The backpack has a main large pocket, a small internal pocket and two exterior sidepockets suitable for water bottles.
Zip front pocket.
Use adamp cloth to clean any spots.
Made of rugged printed polyester and durable artificial leather(Inner - 100% nylon).
Size (cm): 30H X 24W X 12D.
Weight: 0.500 kg.
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MINI BLACK BEAR & STRIPES | TOOSH & DABUSH | תיק גן | תיק אוזני דובי | שחור פסים

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