Hit the beach with our instant classic Paola Tank Suit.
This bodysuit Features the ideal for an afternoon at the beach or lounging around the pool. 
The classic tank fit ensures that you're completely comfortable with ample coverage. 
You'll feel stylish and contemporary no matter what activity you're doing.

• 83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane

• Fully lined
• Made from Xtra Life LYCRA that maintains elasticity over time and molds to body allowing 
for maximum freedom of movement
• Chlorine, fade and pill resistant
• Swimwear must be returned with protective lining in place and show no signs of wear
• Care instructions: Rinse in cool water after use. Dry thoroughly. Hand wash cold separately. 
Wash inside out. Do not bleach. Do not wring or twist. Line or flat dry. Do not iron

Comes in 3 sizes S M L

Size S :

Bust : 66cm / 25.9 "
hips : 76cm / 29.9 (
crach: 20cm / 7.8"

Size M :

Bust : 72cm / 29.9 "
hips : 82cm / 32.2 
crach: 23cm / 9"

Size L :

Bust : 78cm /30.7 "
hips : 88cm / 34.6 
crach: 27cm / 10.6"
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