The rich have woes. They are not simple, and they deserve attention. Woes of the Rich provides practical and theoretical tools – economic principles, case studies and solutions that guide families to communicate amongst themselves and to cope with internal friction before it becomes too late and regrettably expensive

Seventy percent of wealthy families do not manage to transfer their wealth properly to the next generation. But why not? The answer to this question is fascinating, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with finance.
Woes of the Rich tries to decipher what happens in the intergenerational transfer, and suggests a series of solutions for preserving family wealth
Philippe Weil is a member of international think tanks, industry organizations and associations (STEP – Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners, Campden Wealth and others), and a guest lecturer at universities and conferences in Israel and worldwide
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Woes of The Rich by Philippe Weil (Guest Writer)

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